An online experience to equip + activate today's generation of women to live with confidence and purpose. 



You were created ON purpose and FOR a purpose. You are destined to make a difference!


You're free to live fearlessly, knowing that it was for freedom that Christ set you free.


You are complete, whole + enough in Christ alone. A woman who knows she's loved is unstoppable.


Let me ask you a question...have you ever said this to yourself? 

"If I accomplish __________ then I will be worthy / happy / loved / enough / free."

For so so long, I thought that if I got married, if I became successful, if I achieved fame, if I had a baby, if I lost 10 pounds, I’d finally be worthy / happy / loved / enough / free.

I like to call it the IF / THEN Mindset. And it's totally whack.

Growing up, I believed that God's love was based on my performance, that He cared more about what I did than who I was as a person. I believed He just wanted me to accomplish things for Him. I believed that IF I was good, THEN He would love me.

That mindset carried over into how I viewed myself, and it totally paralyzed my confidence, purpose and freedom. I didn't realize that He actually cared more about my heart and who I was as a person than the things that I did for Him.

The IF / THEN Mindset kept me stuck, waiting for my life to begin. It kept me blind of my purpose, wallowing in a sea of shame, striving, and looking for something external to tell me that I was enough.

Everything changed when I accepted God’s invitation to redefine my life by His love. 

His kindness and His love have completely redefined the way that I see Him and the way that I see myself.

This four-week online mentorship experience will equip and activate you to redefine your life by His love SO THAT you can stand in your purpose, live with confidence, and walk in freedom! 


Redefined by Love is for the woman who wants to stop waiting for _____ to start truly living with confidence, purpose and freedom right now.

She's ready to stop operating at an IF I accomplish this then I'll be happy mindset and she's ready to fall in love with her life right where she is. 

She knows that she's called to live confidently and with purpose, but there's a gap between where she is and where she wants to be.

She's knows in her bones that there is so much more to life than what she's currently seeing. 

She knows that life is short and if she keeps waiting, she'll waste her one, wild and precious life. She knows that NOW is the time to stop waiting and start LIVING.


This online experience will be dripped out to you over 4 week period.

Here is an outline of the material we'll cover!

  • How to start believing that you actually are who God says you are, period!
  • The #1 thing that is keeping you from walking in freedom, confidence and purpose AND how to get free from it!
  • Why you’re still feeling stuck when it comes to your purpose (and no, it’s not because you’re messed up or broken!)
  • The loaded question, that when you answer it and live according to it, will lead to a life that is that is exciting and fulfilling - no matter what season you’re in
  • How to take your dreams from ideas to real plans
  • The Biblically-based system that I use to crush fears + insecurities so that I can walk into any room with confidence and joy
  • How to steep your life in joy and stop the comparison trap
  • How to cultivate a personal relationship with Jesus - how to hear God’s voice and take His direction
  • A powerful tool that will give you confidence
  • How to live for others in a #selfie world
  • How to create a plan that will help you to create the life you've always hoped for

The Jumpstart Program // AKA The Pre-Party, this is a mini series before we officially begin. It will prepare you - mind, body + soul - to get the most out of Redefined By Love. You will get access to it as soon as you sign up!


Through diving into the Word of God, recorded lessons, weekly live chats, worksheets, and a private FB community to cheer you on, you will uncover how to live with confidence, purpose and freedom in Christ.


Dear Jesus, I pray that each woman who signs up for this program will experience the depth of your love. I pray that you will use this experience to set them free and pull them closer to Your heart. I pray that they will become masters at giving and receiving love, I pray that they will live from victory - knowing that they lack nothing in You. I pray that each woman will know -without a doubt - that she is loved. And from that foundation, she will live a bold, purposeful life that speaks Your name because her confidence is in who You are. In Jesus' name. Amen!

What would your life look like if you lived from victory rather than searching for it? 

You would be confident, free + filled with purpose. Why? Because a woman who knows that she is loved is unstoppable. She is destined to make a difference. She is no longer a slave to insecurity and fear, because she knows that she is enough.


"Dana is so inspiring, encouraging and uplifting! I came out of our conversation with so much hope and peace. It felt like talking to a friend that I've known my whole life. She takes any situation and gives you a positive Biblical perspective and shows you God's character. I'm blown away by her eagerness to love and serve the women in this community! So incredibly amazing!"

Sarah M.
Portland, OR

Frequently Asked Questions

First of all...LOL. Honest question. I love it! And I can take it ;)

Second of all, m'love. Let me tell you a secret. God is in the business of calling the unqualified and equipping the unequipped. It’s kind of His thing.


If you're asking this question - then honestly, this course is going to be so good for your soul. So many of us are tripped up by qualifications, can’ts, shoulds and woulds. I can point to each woman who has inspired me and helped transform my life the most and say with full confidence that at one point, she was completely unqualified. God honors obedience. And this course is truly an act of obedience. He has asked me to create space for women that need to be washed in the Word and shown who they are in Him. He has set me free so that I can help set others free.


To answer your question, other than the fact that I am a child of God, I believe that I have a few things that qualify me to run this course and teach this topic. You might not have seen this one coming, but I’ve been through a fair amount of adversity in my life. As a 17 year old who was saving sex for marriage, I was date raped by my first real boyfriend. A year later, as a freshman, I was date raped, again, on a college campus. I spent over a year doggy-paddling in a sea of shame and silence until the exhaustion hit and I sunk below the waves. I was severely depressed and ashamed of myself, and with no hope to be found, I attempted to take my own life. By the grace of God, my attempt didn’t work. I went on to finish college and work as a youth minister before I became extremely sick with Crohn’s Disease. At the age of 24, after years of in-and-out of hospital beds, I finally had my entire large intestine removed and replaced with a permanent ileostomy bag (a bag of you-know-what on my stomach). To say that this was traumatic would be an understatement. At that point, I knew I had a decision to make, would I live as a victim - angry and bitter at the cards that life had dealt me? Or would I choose compassion, would I let this shape me into a better, more loving individual? I chose compassion. In the years following my surgery, I moved to Nashville! While there, I was invited to a non-denominational church where I truly entered into a personal relationship with Jesus for the first time. I experienced the transformation of dying to my old self and rising up, a new creation, in Christ. I saw my sinful nature, and first hand witnessed how Jesus took me from a woman who drew her worth from the applause of men to a woman who relied on Him for her sense of worth, belonging, purpose, freedom and confidence! He broke the chains of addiction in my life, He broke the chain of suicidal thoughts, and broke the chains of needing a man to complete me. He completed me in His name. He showed me how to love myself, ileostomy bag and all, by having a healthy confidence that is based in His love for me. He showed me how to let go of shame and how to walk fearlessly. It doesn’t mean that I don’t experience shame, fear, or hurt anymore, but it does mean that I am no longer a slave to those things. He has given me the tools and the framework to deal with the hard stuff in life. Nothing is too big for my God. He delivered me from a life that was defined by rape, suicide, and a permanently wounded body, and redefined me by His love. Now, I enjoy work that give me true purpose, a marriage that is grounded and founded on His love, and a life that I am co-creating with Him. By no means am I perfect, by no means is my life perfect, but I see His hand in it all. I see the way that He has transformed me, and continues to transform me, and I am so excited to steward this gift and give a helping hand to other women who are on this journey.

The last day to sign up is Friday, June 15 at midnight! And the course begins Saturday, June 16th! Woo hoo!

Great question! Well, the lessons, principles, tools and ideas that I’m infusing into the course have not only been used by me but by so many women that I personally know who have taken their lives from a place of feeling stuck and insecure into freedom, purpose and confidence. The principles are backed up by experts and if you put them to use, they will absolutely help you, too. Whether this works in your life is really and truly up to you. As they say, you’ll get out of the course whatever you put into it. The more committed that you are to putting the tools to work in your life - the more you will see your life transform!

I don't currently have plans for when I'll open up the course again, so that being said, if you're interested in taking the course and it resonates with your heart, then I'd sign up now so you don't miss out!

This is a group coaching program - so all coaching will be done within the group setting. Dana is not currently available for one on one coaching, but she is making herself available to the Facebook group and community for the duration of the course! That being said, please post any and all questions inside the Facebook community (not via private messenger) so that other members and Dana can see them and get back to you! :) 

Of course you can! Here's the thing, the entire community aspect of the course is on Facebook. So, I have three things for you to consider. You can either make a new Facebook account just for the duration of the course in order to join the community and not get caught up in your old Facebook distractions. You can activate your old account just for a month. OR, you can choose to forego the community aspect and just receive the course material. If that's fine by you, that's fine by me, too! :) 

Girl - more than anything, I want this course to benefit your life! If you make it through the entire course and feel like it wasn’t helpful, I’ll be more than happy to refund you fully. We just ask that you submit three things with your refund request:

  1. Complete the whole course and submit all completed worksheets to us. I want you to put your fully heart into the course and give it a solid chance before you decide it didn’t work for you.
  2. Include a letter that details why it wasn’t beneficial to you. We want to constantly improve on the course, so please let us know!
  3. Your refund request must be submitted within 30 days of your purchase date. The course only lasts 1 month, so after 30 days, the refund request will not be honored.

No prob, girl! Just shoot me an email at! Can't wait to chat!


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